The 2012 summit in Lausanne is organised around the theme "Let's change!" It is obvious nowadays that without a radical change in the behaviour of mankind, the environment - and by way of consequence, mankind itself -, will undergo irreversible damage.

“The change” will be addressed at three levels, corresponding to the three Summits' days : societal, international and individual. At each level the participants will discuss the potential and limits of different concepts, movements, strategies and development models towards change. They will discuss obstacles, illusions, difficulties but also the solutions or first steps and actions that we can take.

Since the delegates are representing universities, there will be a special focus on the role of this institution and its actors in our societies. During the Summit, delegations will be invited to present a project on sustainability which has successfully been implemented at their university and that they think could be beneficial for other universities. All projects will be published online in the 'best practice' database launched by the World Student Environmental Network (WSEN)

The full programme for delegates can be downloaded here

The full programme for public participants can be downloaded here

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