The programme of the 2012 WSES

In September 2012, the University of Lausanne is hosting the 5th World Student Environmental Summit (WSES). Student delegates from the five continents will once more gather to discuss pressing environmental issues, sharing their experiences and backgrounds to build up momentum for change towards more sustainability on campuses worldwide and in their local communities, and, if possible, on a larger scale.

The 2012 summit is organised around the theme "Let's change!" It is obvious nowadays that without a radical change in the behaviour of mankind, the environment - and by way of consequence, mankind itself -, will undergo irreversible damage. What is Change? How do we pursue change on different levels? A fully-booked three-day program will greatly discuss all these questions thus raising a sense of critical thinking amongst student representatives and delegates.

"CHANGE" will be addressed at three levels, each time discussing the implementation, obstacles, illusions, difficulties but also the solutions, first steps and actions that we can take:

  • International organisations and institutions;
  • National, regional and local communities;
  • Individual actions.

Keep posted for more information!


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