The city of Lausanne

Localized halfway between Geneva and Montreux, the city of Lausanne counts more than 200,000 inhabitants. It is a dynamic and cosmopolitan agglomeration that offers its residents a healthy and joyful atmosphere all year-round. Lausanne holds the title of “Olympic Capital” since it is the home for the International Olympic Committee’s head office in addition to a great number of international Olympic federations. And that makes of it the fifth greatest city in Switzerland. Since early 19th century, Lausanne has witnessed the rise of educational, business and cultural institutions allowing it to bloom amongst a series of international cities. Environmentally, the city has been committed to sustainable development programmes and partnerships for many years now. For example, in order to raise public awareness, Lausanne takes part in programmes and projects such as Agenda 21, World Water Day, the Eco-Awareness Trophy… concretely building up an environmentally-friendly network of people working all together for a better and sustainable place.

About the University of Lausanne

The University of Lausanne was founded in the early 16th century and it counts today 7 faculties hosting over 15'000 students and researchers.. It is a place where the importance of the exchange between students and professors is considered of high value as well as the multicultural atmosphere that makes of it an international institution.

The campus is located right next to the Leman Lake (known also as the Geneva Lake) thus providing inspiring and extraordinary natural scenery all year round. Sustainable activities and behaviours are more and more encouraged; and infrastructure, such as buildings, catering services, IT systems, are regularly being updated to minimize the environmental impact of the campus. For some time now, goals and efforts to build up a culture of sustainability in all its diversity have been set up to offer long-term solutions to daily concerns.
For more information on the University campaign for responsibility and sustainability in campus operations, "Campus Plus', please visit the campaign's website.


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