Workshops: Empowerment (part I)


1) New ideas to get active to tackle global challenges locally (World Café)

Laurin REDING (Euforia Association, CH)

Laurin Reding, 20, has been involved in different youth projects before he joined euforia in 2010. Currently he is part of the volunteer facilitation team of euforia. Laurin Reding is studying international relations at the university of Geneva.

2) Youth Action and Employment in the creation of Excellence Poles: the inspired generation programme

Christophe DOSSARPS (Inspired Generation, CA)

Formerly a project manager in a leading Canadian aerospace firm, Christophe Dossarps is now based in Geneva (Switzerland) where he works in collaboration with the R20 initiative of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (head of business development at R20 inception in 2009) and the Asian Development Bank on projects related to sustainable finance. He is the founder and international ambassador of the Canadian NGO Consortium Evolution and the creator of its programme Inspired Generations for universities, both dedicated to bring transformational change to the development of our society through education, especially on sustainable development. Christophe Dossarps was among others at the heart of the success of the Generations Pact programme launched in 2007 by Consortium Evolution to support the creation of Sustainability Action Funds and Committees across the Province of Québec.

3) From student project to entrepreneurship: how to make a business out of re-establish nature, create living landscapes and deal with ecosystem services?

Rasmus VINCENTZ (Habitats, DK)

Rasmus Vincentz holds a master degree in social sciences and business. He has been working for the last seven years with environmental and climate changes issues with governments, companies and civil society. He is mostly based in Denmark but also in a number of developing countries. Today he is a co-founder of the company Habitats that promotes biodiversity and the (re)establishment of ecosystems, via design and planning of landscapes and urban spaces including active involvement of local actors. Besides that, he is involved in a local food cooperation and enjoys a mix of gardening and playing soccer.

4) WSEN Future Campus Project - Strategies for ‘Greening’ Your University!


Nikolas Hagemann is a Master student in the Geoecology programme at the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany. He is the co-founder of the Greening the University student initiative which aims at introducing and reinforcing sustainability in the administration, teaching and research at the University of Tübingen. Co-chair of the steering committee of the WSES 2010, he is now also member of the WSEN and head manager of the Future Campus Project of the WSEN.

Saturday, September 8, 2012 -
13:30 to 15:00

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