[public] - Conference: Transition, a bottom-up movement to prepare communities’ resilience


Camille BIERENS de HAAN (EcoAttitude association, CH)

Camille Bierens de Haan is an educational scientist and licensed art-therapist focused on providing adult individual and group accompaniment to self-development. Her multi-faceted training and activities reflect a strong belief in the interdependency between sustainability and human development, both at individual and community level. She herself provides trainings and consulting services to corporations or public bodies on internal communication, team building and decision making issues. Besides her training activities within Creattitudes (2011-Present), she is also since 2004 the president of the Association Eco Attitude which supports local governance and collective change in Geneva and the surrounding region.

Nicolas BRIET

Nicolas Briet has worked 8 years in pharmaceutical research as a medicinal chemist. He is currently managing an eco centre near Geneva where he runs all sorts of sensibilizing events such as conferences, workshops and gatherings around complementary currencies, participatory democracy, innovative governance and sustainability in general. He is passionate about global issues and how to make our societal system work better. He dedicates more and more of his time contributing to make positive contribution to the way society functions.

Amphimax 351

Thursday, September 6, 2012 -
10:30 to 11:30

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